“I haven't understood a bar of music in my life, but I have felt it.” Igor Stravinsky

With over a decade of teaching experience, Michael Park has taught a wide variety of students, beginners to advanced, in piano, theory and composition. His piano teaching style can be described as Cognitive-Gestural. By integrating thought (active cognition) into otherwise muscular (gestural) playing, the student benefits greatly in areas such as speed of learning, memory, musical understanding, healthy pianistic technique, and musicality.

As a teacher, Michael is energetic, positive, and upbeat. In addition to piano lessons, he also teaches musicianship and the history/harmony co-requisites for all levels of RCM studies.

As a composer, Michael's teaching style values creativity. Catering lessons to the individual student, he is able to create supplementary exercises/pieces for students.
His composer website can be found here.

For a fuller Teaching Profile, please visit his profile at the pianoteachersfederation.org